Hi everyone! It’s your favourite IT teacher, Mr Riley here.

I’ve put together a survey which allows for everyone to have a voice in how iPads are used and not used at Harrison School. I’d appreciate everyone, students and teachers, to have a look at the survey and put in a response.

The information you put in the survey will allow the teachers to shape the way we use iPads, and possibly open up more opportunities for you in the classroom!

Please be honest with your responses 🙂 You can feel free to remain anonymous, but it is important that you pick the right year level. This survey is currently only for staff and students, there is a parent one coming soon.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OR0ZkWccOwUw2l1ADv3sw-_wjVyIHDkQ4qFUzjDA_i4/viewform (This is the link :))


-Mr Riley