So, for everyone who uses an iPad and may have missed the news, iOS 7, the latest iteration of the iPad operating system, is being released on September 18.

…which is tomorrow. Now, whether that means it’s being released at midnight in America on the 18th, which will be 5pm our time, or if we get it tomorrow morning I’m going to offer the following advice:


Don’t update your iPad until the afternoon. If you start your update in the morning, your iPad (which is your primary learning tool) might not be ready for school. On average the download size of the iOS updates are just shy of 1gig, which on your average, non-NBN internet connection can take a little under (or over) an hour.

However, if you have a fast internet connection then my advice is the following:


Because yes, this has been tested by Apple and developers for months, but things can always go wrong, and it’s going to change a lot about your iPads interface and some of its functions. And I’m fairly certain your teachers will not want you any more distracted by shiny things on your iPads than normal.

So, wait. Download and update in the afternoon, and play and test all evening. Then, after a good night sleep, come in the next day with your new iOS, ready to work.

Expect a video soon highlighting the changes that iOS brings, as well as the benefits that it can bring to the school!

-Mr Riley