So, to clarify some information. The Year 7/8s have been split into two performances; the West End (consisting of the homerooms 7/8 JR, PJ, AH and SP) and the East End (homerooms 7/8RM, RK, CS and JD).

The West End is performing on the Tuesday Night (3rd of December)

The East End is performing on the Thursday Night (5th of December)

The Year 9’s have grouped together and will be performing on the Thursday Night.

The Elective Performances (Japanese, and Drama) will be performing on the Tuesday Night.

The Student Exhibitions (students who have elected not to perform and instead demonstrate their learning through projects and presentations) will be on both nights before the main performances. These include demonstrations by the schools Robotic Students.

Students costuming details are coming out soon in an individualised note. Many of the costumes are close to the standard school uniform or normal teenager clothes.

-Mr Riley