The last round of the 2013 Immunisations are next Tuesday the 26th of November. Immunisations will be occurring throughout the day in the Senior Building (same place as the last two sessions)

Year 7’s – This round, the vaccinations are for GIRLS AND BOYS for the final Gardasil Dose and the Hepatitis B Vaccine…HOWEVER, information has recently been released that some Year 7’s may NOT require the hepatitis B vaccine as they have already had it previously.

ACT Health is reporting that: if your child was born after the 1st of May, 2000, it’s very likely that they’ve already received it. If you are not sure you can contact the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register at or call them on 1800 653 809.

To withdraw your consent for the Hep B immunisation or if you need further information, contact the School Health Team on 62052086. The school as been assured that the immunisation is not harmful if administered more than once.

Year 9 Immunisations will only be for Boys! It’s the final Gardrasil dose. Girls have completed their immunisation courses and will not be receiving any more this year.

Info for Year 7’s will be out in today’s notes going home. If you have any concerns please contact the school or the Schools Health Team on 62052086.

-Mr Riley