And now for something a little different.

Shaun Hodson (Youth Support extraordinare) and I (Mr Riley…that guy) have been growing Mo’s to support Movember. Movember raises funds and awareness to support men’s health issues, things like prostate cancer and depression.

One of the biggest problem for men is that sometimes they’re just not willing to step up and say “I need help” or “I have a problem”. They’re afraid that they’ll seem weak and helpless.

You know what: everyone needs help at times. People are stronger when they work with each other and I’m wanting to raise awareness of that fact. I think that one of the worst things to do is not admit you need help when you do, cause when the time comes that you really need it and you haven’t ever asked, you may not get it.

So: I need your help! Please share the post and if you can, donate a little to the cause! And just remember, if you need help, just ask!