Training Ship Canberra

Located at HMAS HARMAN, Canberra Avenue

Hello All,

My name is Lorne Thurgar, I am the Executive Officer of TS Canberra. We will commence recruiting on 21st & 28th February 2014 at 1830hrs. If you are interested in being a Navy Cadet to improve your leadership skills and to experience activities that other people may never do or see, or you have a desire to join the Navy as a career then the Australian Navy Cadets is an ideal start.

You will need a copy of your Birth Certificate and access to information such as Medicare details, private health insurance etc. You must attend with a parent or guardian for either or both Recruit Evenings. For parents that don’t have Defence ID’s to get them into HMAS HARMAN we will have someone meet you at the front gate/gangway of HARMAN. Cadets who choose to join will be issued with an ADFC ID Card.

Please let me know which date you are able to attend via email or SMS to my mobile.

Yours Aye

Lorne Thurgar

Sub Lieutenant, ANC

Executive Officer – Training Ship Canberra

Mob: 041 777 1703, Email: