On the 13 March the year 9/10 have an excursion at ADFA to allow students to tour the facilities and see what ADFA has to offer as a University/Military training establishment.

As part of the activities the students will be conducting the ‘above the pool rope course’ (lots of fun) and having lunch in the Officer Cadets Mess as well as the tour.

The students are required to wear full School uniform. Once at the pool they will be required to change into long pants or leggings (not fleecy tracksuit or jeans) runners (not slip on shoes) Short/long sleeve shirt and have a towel. After the pool the students will change in to School uniform, tour of ADFA and then have lunch at the Mess.

The students will be required to conduct a swim test in the clothing they intend to do the rope course in and be a proficient swimmer. Non proficient swimmers will not be able to participate in the rope course and can support students from the side of the pool.

If you have any questions please contact the School.