It’s almost to the end of term one already, the days have been flying past!

Here is a quick look at upcoming events in the Secondary School:

  1. This Thursday (the 27th of March) is the Year 10 excursion to Mount Stromlo Observatory. Students are required to be in Full School Uniform on the day.
  2. This Friday is Earth Hour. Information will be coming out soon about when we’ll be flicking off the lights, iPads and screens to save a little power and talking about how we can save a lot of the environment.
  3. School Photos are in Week 9 next week. Years 5/6 are having their photos taken on the Monday, and Years 7-10 are scheduled for Tuesday. As these events are often fluid we can’t confirm what specific time your photo will be taken on the day.
  4. Mid-Semester reports for Years 7-10 will be coming out shortly. Now (well, every day is a good time) is a great time to have a conversation with your teacher about how you are progressing in your studies and what you need to do to knock your grade out of the park!

We hope the year 10’s have a lot of fun at Stromlo and learn lots! We look forward to hearing about your experiences when you return.

-Mr Riley