Hello parents!

Between printer errors and network crashes, we’ve managed to get Mid Semester reports out this afternoon!

Requested second copies of reports are being sent out tomorrow either with students or posted. If there are any errors which slipped through, please email me (Jim) at james.riley@ed.act.edu.au

Where has English gone??

One of our brilliant English teachers, Mr Leon Ward, fell ill a few weeks ago and has been recovering at home. Being the excellent teacher that he is, Mr Ward was able to prepare the two weeks of classes for students to continue their learning and will be assessing their work and marking it to give Mid Semester reports to his students in week ten. Apologies for the delay.

Where to now??

These are a great chance for students to assess where they are with their learning and to keep having those important conversations with their parents and teachers about how they can improve and challenge themselves for the rest of the semester. I look forward to having these chats with my own students in the next few weeks.

-Mr Riley