Years 5-10 Student Led Interviews with Parents (SLIPs for short) are beginning next week!

This afternoon, students should have received a note with instructions for signing up to our online booking system.

The website for this system is:

There is a code on the note which you can use to sign up to the site, create an account for your family and child or children, find the teacher you want the booking with and the times they are available.

Please follow the instruction on the note and use the link above.

Apologies: but we can’t advertise the school code as this would allow anyone to login and spam the interview system. Please do not advertise this code on social networks. If you do not have a note or it has been lost, please ask at the Senior Office on Nullabor Ave for a replacement.

Note: There is another website called “” This is the wrong site. The site we are using does not pluralise “interview”. Use the link above to make sure you get to the correct site.

This is the image you’ll see when you click the right link:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.39.57 pm