Bookings Closing as of Midnight, Tuesday.

Thanks to all parents who have been coming to the SLIPs meetings this week. Interview times are continuing this week with the late night set for Wednesday night (the last interview slot is 7:45 – 8:00pm) To help lock in the late night timetable and the remainder of the week, we’re asking that all parents make their last appointments before Midnight on Tuesday night. At that point the booking system will close and all appointment times will be locked in. If you need to make additional appointments after this slot, you’ll need to contact the teacher directly from Week 5.


So far we’ve received some good feedback on the system and some things to improve.

One of the bits of feedback we got was notifying parents if a teacher is sick. In preparation for next year and the remainder of the interviews this year, Team Leaders will soon have the ability to automatically email parents (using the email you signed up with) if the teacher is ill and the interview has to be postponed.

The other feedback we got was around getting access to the system itself. Due to so many competing School Booking systems online, a google search isn’t the best way to find it. For that we’ll continue to recommend that parents use the link posted on the Daily News site.

The link is on this Daily News story here: