Hi team,
We are having Dance practice today at lunchtime. All need to attend practice as we approach our performance date: Friday Week 9. Please be prepared with your PE uniform.

Tuesday afternoon PLC (subject to change based on Aspire programs – TBC). 
Thursday Lunchtimes 
Friday Lunchtimes

The Artisitc Director fron Ausdance is attending our school on Tuesday 26th August (Week 6) during our 9/10 Dance class from 10am-11am. All students are expected to attend this session (including the year 7/8’s).

Our next session with Tanya (the artistic director from Ausdance) will be on Wednesday 10 September 9am -10.10am.

Next week, Ms Martindale will be at rehearsals, as Ms Small is away on camp. All are still expected to attend.

Costume: We will discuss our costume at this Friday’s meeting.
Hunters & Animals: Students to organise
Props: Orange Rope (Miss Small to purchase from Bunnings)
Face Paint: (Miss Small to purchase)