Dear Parents and Carers,

There were two errors in the Year 9/10 Course Booklet that came home with students on Friday. The first relates to an incorrect description of the Outdoor Education course and the second relates a description and place to nominate for ASPIRE Japanese missing. Corrections are below.

Health and Physical Education

Outdoor Education                Contribution: (see below)

Bear Grylls can do it and so can you! Harrison School’s Outdoor Education A program introduces students to a variety of land based adventure pursuits. With a strong emphasis on team work and leadership, students will be actively involved in bushwalking, orienteering, rock climbing and mountain bike riding whilst learning how to identify, plan for and manage risks associated with such activities. A pass in the course is subject to active participation and attendance of classes, practical excursions and the submission of all related course work.  If there is a financial concern with meeting these expectations please contact the school.

Day Trips: Bushwalking $20, Orienteering/Navigation $20 Rock Climbing $50, Mountain Biking $20, (All prices are approximate. Other excursions may be added at a later date).  Multi day enrichment trip: $350


ASPIRE Japanese                 Contribution: (Nil)

Japanese is a language that opens up a world of  opportunities. We have a strong sister school relationship with a school in Nara, Japan, and this creates real chances to communicate with them. Also, even in Canberra, you will be able to perform at a large scale festival. Language learning even helps to develop your English. Japanese is an exotic and attractive language to compare with what you know; English and Australian culture. Students will also be able to investigate Japanese pop-culture, such as manga and Japanese animation. Advanced students will investigate, and potentially be introduced to college level Japanese.

If your child is interested in selecting ASPIRE Japanese, please write it on the Elective Nomination form and ensure your child completes an ASPIRE application for Japanese.

I apologise for the errors and any inconvenience they may cause.


Jason Holmes