Hello everyone!

This is a public service announcement about a bug which has been found in iOS devices (iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches).

If the device receives a notification which contains characters other than English in combination with some other factors, the notification can cause the device to crash when it attempts to convert the characters into an ellipsis (a “…”).

The crash and reboot has been found to erase data in some cases, which is bad if you don’t have your information backed up or saved using cloud storage (either Google Drive, iCloud or other available services)

Apple is working on a fix to solve the bug, until then the school is advising students who use iOS devices to turn off their notifications if they believe someone will send the message to them.

We’d also like to remind students of our policy around acceptable use of devices in the school. Messaging services are to be used for school work only; such as sending links or work from one device to another.

Students who are reported using messaging services in a disruptive way during school time (which includes passing this bug message along) are breaching the Acceptable Use Policy (which you all signed to get access to the network) which will require the school to suspend your network access.

So please, let’s all be safe and sensible online.

-Mr Riley