Students’ grades are based on a number of assessments:

  • Classwork – how well they are going with core MathSpace tasks
  • Investigative tasks – specific mini-projects that show how a students apply their knowledge
  • Checkpoint quizzes – these online mini-tests are set every two or three weeks to summarise their progress
  • Tests – once a term a pencil and paper test is set that covers all the topics taught that term.

If a student misses an assessment they must speak to their teacher as soon as possible to see if there is an opportunity to resit.These marks are transferred into Schoology on a regular basis so students and parents can monitor progress. The Schoology grades should only be regarded as indicative though, as a teacher can take other circumstances into account when making their final judgement.

But the way to good grades is to work hard, work consistently and submit work on time.

The Maths Team