As part of our Year 9 SoSE studies, Year 9 students have the opportunity to attend an excursion at the Australian War Memorial on Thursday June 25. Students will participate in the educational program called, ‘Australians and the First World War’. This program focuses on the First World War and the role that Australians played in the conflict. It will explore the conditions faced by those fighting, the loss and sacrifice, the sentiment at home including the conscription debate, active citizenship and the legacy left by the conflict on the nation and its people. Students will explore the roles of both men and women serving in the Gallipoli campaign, the Western Front, and in Sinai and Palestine. We strongly encourage all Year 9 students to attend.

Cost: $13 This includes transport and educational program at the war memorial. Please return the permission form and payment to school on or before Friday 19 June, 2015 (Week 8, Term 2).