The time to choose your 2016 electives is approaching! The web-choice system will be opening up on Thursday the 5th of November, so make sure you’re ready to select the Elective courses you would like to study next year.

Remember: Year 7/8s in 2016 need to choose one Arts and one Technology elective each semester. You also need to select a language that you will be learning for a full year. (If you want to get into a ‘continuing’ language course at College and not go through the beginners course again, you will need to have studied the language for FOUR years)

Year 9/10’s are free to select the courses they wish to focus on, and languages are optional.

The website for the course information is here:

Below are the PDF files for the courses available next year.



For any questions regarding the electives, please contact the Deputy Principal (a/g) Jodie Rowell at