We’re on again! This time it’s in the second week of the holidays, on the 21st of April!

The event will be at Jolt Games in Mitchell, and will cost a small participation fee. Lunch will be provided.

Jolt Games is located at 56 Hoskins St, Mitchell. The Games Day will begin from 10:30am and go till 4pm. If parents are unable to drop their children off at 10:30, Mr Riley will be at the school from 9am and we will walk as a group to the store.

The signup sheet is here: http://goo.gl/forms/sV7S4RNLd7

Please fill out the form if you’d like to attend, and contact Mr Riley (james.riley@ed.act.edu.au) or Ms Watson (chelsea.watson@ed.act.edu.au) for more information.