It is time for the amazing learning that is happening in 5-10 to be put under the spotlight at our Exhibition of Learning Evening.

When:  5-7 pm Tuesday 21 June 2016 (Term 2 Week 9)

Where: Harrison School – Years 5 & 6: M4 & M2, Years 7 & 8: Upstairs in H4, Years 9 & 10 Downstairs in H4

We believe that reflecting on, and celebrating learning is vital to success. We value the assessment and reporting process as an important part of your child’s education and strongly believe that it includes more than just the paper report that comes home at the end of the semester. Students at Harrison are assessed continuously in many different ways throughout the semester, culminating in them sharing their learning and reflections through an Exhibition of Learning.


The Exhibition of Learning provides students with the opportunity to share their digital portfolio—which holds personal reflections on their learning, as well as goals for improvement—with teachers, parents and carers in a supported environment. The process is student led and teachers will prepare students for the exhibition, as well as be available for support and guidance as required. This is an extremely important and valuable part of the learning and teaching process and an opportunity for you to be a part of your child’s learning.


If you are unable to attend the Exhibition of Learning evening at school, it can be done from home. Your child will share their digital portfolio with you and together you will complete a reflection. If you choose to complete the exhibition of learning from home, please make sure it is completed during Week 9 (22-24 June) as there will be an opportunity for students who have not yet done so to share their learning and reflect on the process with a member of our school community in Week 10.


If you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.