Music at Harrison

Special Edition- Performance

Connecting Our Community Through Music Performance

Reaching toward the school intent by performing in front of others to encourage learners to make a community contribution …..

We are always looking for opportunities where our students can make these meaningful community connections through music.

All our students have had the opportunity to commit to regular practice and build their musicianship leading to performance.

The Benefits of Performing

Harrison School places high importance on giving students opportunities to develop their whole self……….

Performing gives our students the chance to develop skills for life:

  • Teamwork- understanding that working toward a common goal with others promotes positive relationship building skills
  • Confidence-the grit to stand up on stage and perform while overcoming nerves will help in other stressful situations like in future job interviews.
  • Endeavour- there is a need to be persistent and work at things in order to master it. There is a sense of self worth developed through the things hard won.
  • Excellence- striving to improve, to master and to be good at what you do is an element for success and expecting that our students achieve excellence demonstrates that we believe in them.

Extra Curricula Performance Building Opportunities

Fun and interactive community building experiences to build music skills……….

Our expert music teachers provide lots of opportunities to extend the music skills of our students, staff and families:

  • K-2 Choir
  • Year 3/4 choirs (x3)
  • Senior Area of the School Choir
  • Harrison School Ukulele Project
  • Teachers Band


Performance this Year So Far

Showcasing our teamwork, confidence and developing excellence……….

As part of the extra-curricula music program, our students have been involved in performances including:

  • The Choirs, Year 5/6 Bands and 7-10 Bands performing at the school fair
  • The Junior Aspire Choir making music with the local child care centre
  • Year 7-10 band National Anthem performance for the Anzac Day ceremony
  • The Junior Performing Arts Year 3/4 choir performing ‘Home’ at assembly.
  • The Year Senior Area of the School Choir performing at the whole school assembly
  • The Year 3/4 M2 building choir’s musical acknowledgement to country as part of the NAIDOC week assembly. 

Building Quality into Performance

Our expert teachers make sure they get it right by keeping up to date with their own music development……….

Our music teachers continue to develop their expertise in teaching and learning music through:

  • Professional learning- the music specialist teachers have attended Music Education Network conferences developing their understanding in conducting choirs, arranging music and effective music teaching strategies. They attended workshops as part of the National Folk Festival and built networks with local musicians.
  • Research- the music team attended a music forum about music and brain research
  • Personal Music Involvement- our music specialists are involved with their own bands and music tuition for their own learning outside of school.

Performing with Excellence.

Showcasing commitment, talent and excellence…..

In addition to our bands, we have introduced new high performance groups to give opportunities to our talent musicians to stretch their skills. Students are required to audition or meet a skill criteria to work toward excellent performances:

  • Junior Aspire Choir (Yr 3/4)
  • Senior Aspire Choir (Yr 5-10)
  • Choir Accompaniment Ensembles
  • Rock/Pop/Folk ensembles
  • Mentorship for singer/songwriters
  • Advanced Ukulele Project (Yr 5-10+staff)

Fridge Door Notice

Save the date for our upcoming performance opportunities……….

Performing the National Anthem for the opening of Harrison Woolies.

Date: Wednesday 29 June

Who: Advanced Uke Project and selected members of the Aspire Choirs

Time: 6:50am

Contact: Laura Aksila

Limelight Foyer Performance.

Date: 25/26 August TBC

Who: Harrison Ukulele Project

Time: between 5 and 7pm Time TBC

Contact: Allison Edmonds

Limelight Gala Performance.

Date: 25/26 August TBC

Who: Selected Yrs 7-10  students

Time: between 7 and 10pm Time TBC

Contact: Sarah Wicken

Floriade Performance:

Date: Saturday 15 October

Who: Junior and Senior Aspire Choir


Contact: Laura Aksila and Megan Frame


Date: Wednesday 7 September

Who: All Bands

Time: TBC

Contact: Megan Frame and Sarah Wicken

Stay Tuned:

As part of Music Count Us In we will have performances happening across our school community.

Aspire Choirs are looking to enter into SingFest