So, Apple is releasing a major update to all iOS devices: iOS10. This is happening on Wednesday morning.

While iOS 10 is a major improvement to some aspects of iPads and iPhones…none of them are directly related to education. In fact, most of the updates are mainly focused on their messaging service which all students know they should not be doing in class anyway.

So, “my iPad is updating” will not be an acceptable excuse for not being able to access your work on Wednesday…which is actually the same for every day of the week.

If you wish to update your device, feel free to do so but at home, not at school. Your device needs to be ready to use for each lesson you attend, which means:

  • charged
  • all documents and files ready to be accessed
  • …not updating.

So, update it that afternoon, or on the weekend. In fact, I’d recommend the weekend to avoid the servers being clogged with the tens of thousands of requests they’ll be getting for updates, and you’ll have time to fix your device before Monday if the update doesn’t work.

Just remember our advice for what to do before changing your device in anyway:

  • Backup
  • Backup
  • Backup

Also, if you’re wondering about whether to update your device for school, remember to read this:

You’ll have noticed more laptops and less tablets in the school. With all the new technologies we have access to for collaborative docs, storage of files, etc…laptops are clearly becoming the more useful device for accessing your learning.

Enjoy your week!

-Mr Riley