Week 8 (28 November-2 December) is our Exhibition of Learning week in Years 5-10. During this week we ask that all students take the time to share their digital portfolio with their parents, carers or a significant adult in their life and complete a Google reflection form together. This is a time for students to not only celebrate their learning; but also reflect on their progress, struggles and the process of learning itself. There are two options for completing the EOL and reflection:

  • Share the digital portfolio and complete the Google reflection at home at any time during Week 8.
  • Share the digital portfolio and complete the Google reflection through coming in to school anytime between 3:30 and 5:30 on Wednesday 30 November (before the concert that night) where there will be teachers available for support. Years 5/6 will be set up in their classrooms, 7/8 downstairs in Mulligans Building (H4) and 9/10 upstairs in Mulligans Building (H4).

We strongly value this process of reflection. Students who do not complete the EOL and reflection during week 8 will do so with a member of the school community in a reflection session at school during Week 9.