The Harrison School 5-10 Lunchtime games club will be ready to go at 1:10 on Wednesday of Week 2! We will be running out of M4 East (the far end near the construction). Anyone is welcome to come along!

Our first Friday afternoon games club will be in week 3, and after that on any odd (A) weeks. Put it on your timetable. We run out of the library, and for term 1 we run 3-5:30. Anyone is welcome to turn up, and if you need to leave early, that is fine as well.

If you want to stay updated on what is happening in games club during 2017, we have made a form for you. You can sign up to get updates on our holiday programs, our fortnightly Friday programs, and our lunchtime games clubs (or only the ones that interest you!)

Feel free to sign up, and we’ll keep you updated on our excellent gaming adventures next year!

(If the embedded for isn’t displaying it can be found here)

If you want any more information on 5-10 Games club, please don’t hesitate to email Ms Watson (chelsea.watson@ed.act.edu.au)

Ms Watson, Mr Riley, and Mr Butlin.