Dear Parents and Carers,

There is a forecast for a 40 degree maximum temperature tomorrow. Learning will continue at Harrison  School and we will manage the impact of the heat in line with the Education Directorate procedures.

These include:

  • Monitoring temperature and conditions across the school
  • Monitor students and their levels of comfort across the day
  • Relocating classes to areas in the school that are cooler
  • Providing additional fans/coolers in areas of the school
  • Modifying learning programs where necessary
  • Limiting playground access to shaded areas/inside areas for recess and lunch breaks
  • Reminding students and staff to keep hydrated throughout the day

If your child has a pre-existing condition or may be impacted negatively by the heat, you may like to consider them staying at home or spending a shorter day at school. If this is the case, please provide a note explaining the variation.

Please contact the school via the front office on 6142 2200 if you have any questions.

Jason Holmes