Dear parents and carers

Our school had been planning to move to online testing for NAPLAN this year.

Unfortunately we have been advised that there are technical issues with the testing system that cannot be adequately resolved before the May NAPLAN test dates. Therefore no schools in the ACT will use online testing this year.

For 2017, this means that NAPLAN tests will be done with pencil and paper as our school has done in previous years.

The ACT is committed to moving to online testing by 2019, however there needs to be complete confidence in the testing system for this to happen. The preparation that we have done so far will stand us in good stead for moving online in the future.

NAPLAN testing provides a snapshot of your child’s progress at a point in time and is one of many tools that our teachers used to assess and further our students’ learning.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.



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