Dear Parents/Careers and Year 3- 6 students,


Firstly there was a mistake made on the note sent home in black bags yesterday. The note should have said “Monday” not ‘Friday’. I apologise for this mistake.

On Monday at the Junior athletics carnival there will be a canteen being held for lunch and snacks to purchase. Below is an item and price list for your reference. If your child wants to buy lunch or a snack please send money with them to do so.

Items available:

  • Sausage sizzle sandwich             $2.00
  • (Halal sausages will be available)
  • Juice boxes                                       $1.50
  • Bottle of water                              $2.00
  • Packet of Chips                             50cents
  • Muffins                                            $2.00
  • Cookies                                            $2.00 per bag
  • Lolly bag                                         $2.00 per bag

This canteen will be run by teachers and the Year 10 Formal committee to raise money for their formal at the end of the year.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions please contact Rebecca Lee (year 10 formal committee organiser) at