This week notes are going home for students in years 6-8 for the amazing opportunity to meet Jack Heath, a bestselling and award-winning author. Jack Heath has written twenty action-packed novels, and will be visiting Harrison School to talk to students from 6-8 about reading, writing and books. This is a fantastic experience for the students, and ties in with much of the work we are currently doing in class on writing techniques, and will be run during students usual English/HaSS lessons.

We’d love if all our students would be able to go, and enjoy this great opportunity. This would be particularly good for students who aren’t that keen on English or reading. It will be a great opportunity for the students to meet an author, who writes a fantastic range of action, science fiction, crime and thriller novels.

In the course of his research, Jack has toured morgues and prisons, performed as a street magician and traveled through eleven countries, including Russia. His enthusiastic presentations at schools and festivals have gotten thousands of kids hooked on reading.

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Please get your notes and money back ASAP

-Chelsea Watson

LAL of English