The Guessing competition has begun, please get involved. 

Below is a hint to help you out. If you would like to participate please go to the Senior Front Office and purchase a guessing form for $2.

Some of these teachers on the list below have provided a baby photo and some have not. All teachers’ names that are involved are on this list. Good luck

–          Jennifer McInnes

–          Farah Atallah

–          Jamie Butlin

–          Kate Bradley

–          Rebecca Lee

–          John Dickson

–          Alan Harding

–          Shaun Hodson

–          Hugo Walker

–          Leon Ward

–          Roxy McKay

–          Laura Simsen

–          Femke Matthews

–          Alison Edmonds

–          Rachel Kane

–          Jacqui Ford

–          Chris Nugent

–          Alex Patterson

–          Andrea Kemp

–          Andi Stapp-Gaunt

–          Chelsea Watson

–          Allan Lansdowne

–          Kim Lum

–          Rebecca Saddler

–          Dylan Smedley

–          Jo Cook

–          Juliet Moody

–          James Riley

–          Rosie Randle

–          Juliet Walto