七夕(たなばた)/ Star festival display
絵本(えほん)を読む/ senior students reading a story to primary school students


English follows after Japanese


* 活動(かつどう) … activities

*七夕(たなばた)… star festival in July

A group of students from our sister school, Tomio Daisan elementary and high school have shared how they do their student-lead classroom activities. The top picture showing the bamboo tree has a lot of wishes made by Tomio Daisan students. On the Star Festival (7th of July every year), it is believed that two stars Altair (a cow-herding boy from the earth) and Vega (a weaving girl from the heavens) are allowed to see each other. This event happens only once a year. According to the legend, while Vega was visiting the earth, both the boy and the girl fell in love but they were forced to separate by the father of the girl because they came from different worlds. Historically, on this day, people used to wish for improving their sewing skills. Nowadays, people in Japan make any wishes. This year’s wishes at the school were like these: “I wish to become rich.”, “I wish to become better at swimming.”, “I wish to become a prince.” or “I wish my eye sight is not going to get worse”. At Harrison School, in Japanese classes, we sometimes make wishes, too.

The bottom picture shows that senior students read a story to primary school students. It is also quite common in Japan to have buddy systems like this, where senior students look after younger students for day-to-day needs or classroom activities.