This is a reminder about the NAPLAN online SRT we will be running during week 10 with our Year 8 students. If you are the parent of a Year 8 student, could you please ensure your child has downloaded the NAPLAN browser to their device for the tests on Monday. You can use this link to download the browser, and students have been emailed the details as well. Students will also need to bring headphones.

We have communicated to students that the SRT is a test of how the system works and will help us troubleshoot any issues before the real test next year; we don’t want them to worry about it. Running the SRT will make sure students and teachers are prepared NAPLAN moving online.

Please use this link to go to the public demonstration site if you would like to have a look at the way the tests will operate.

In order for us to get a clear picture of anything we need to improve before the actual NAPLAN online tests next year, we require your assistance with ensuring the following things have happened before Monday 18 September:

  • Browser is downloaded on device
  • Devices are fully charged
  • Students bring headphones

Thanks for you assistance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.