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One of our sister school students, Natsuki Yasuda, who is in Year 9 this year has shared her big memory related to her brass band activities. In Japan, Year 9 is a big segment for this particular grade, as they need to be prepared for an entrance exam to move onto Years 10 – 12 (called high school. Our high school equivalent is recognised as junior high school in Japan). Therefore, when her brass band participated in the music competition on the 5th of August, it was her last club activity, to fully focus on studying for the exam.

Every single member in her brass band knew that was the case, regardless of grade, so all of them practiced so hard towards the opportunity, aiming at getting gold prize, not silver nor bronze one. They felt that that was very best performance ever, however, they ended up with silver prize. This made them really felt disapointed, but at the same time they realised they had no regret after they gathered as one to play their music.