Light Rail Vehicles are now testing!

The first Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) to hit the tracks was towed out of the Depot in Mitchell on the evening of Monday 11 June and is undergoing low speed brake testing up to 20km/h. The project is now in the Testing and Commissioning phase which will ensure the operational readiness of both the LRVs and the route. Testing, between Mitchell and Gungahlin Place, will continue at night with the LRV operating at low speeds. This will progress into daytime testing in the coming months, which will see construction fencing and barriers being gradually removed and LRV movements becoming more frequent. The light rail corridor is rapidly taking shape and it is important for all of us to be Rail Ready and stay safe in this new environment.

Stay Safe!

Staying safe around light rail is simple. Keep these few tips in mind:

  • Never attempt to access the light rail corridor during the construction and testing period. While light rail stops may look complete, the project is still a construction zone and LRVs will not transport passengers until commencement of services.
  • Keep flying objects such as drones and kites well away from the overhead wire. The overhead wire is LIVE and carries 750 volts of power. Keep away!
  • It is prohibited to drive, walk or cycle along rail tracks.