Transport Canberra is inviting your feedback on the new public transport network that Transport Canberra is planning for our city in 2019. We want to be sure that your school community is clear about the new proposed bus routes for 2019, and is able to provide us with feedback to help us design a new bus network to start in January 2019, prior to Term 1. Please note every bus route and number will be different in this new network in 2019.

In general, schools are better served under the proposed new network – but the way students travel may change.

The introduction of 10 Rapid routes replaces the need for some dedicated school buses, while improvements across the network mean that there will be 30% more trips travelling past schools each day. The whole bus network has been redesigned, so that:

  • Each school is served by bus routes Rapids and/or Local.
  • Gungahlin to City light rail will also transport school students each day
  • Special trips (or S-trips), are buses that will divert into a school only service around bell times, or buses that start or extend into school grounds before and after school.

There are 73 dedicated school trips currently proposed, for 47 schools, in areas where:

  • A regular bus or s-trip can’t easily serve the school, because of its location in the city; or
  • The student demand is high enough to warrant a dedicated school bus (or in some cases, multiples buses on one or more routes).

In the proposed network:

  • 52% of schools will have a dedicated school trip or S-trip or a combination.
  • 48% of schools will have all day bus service on the regular network (Rapids, locals or both).
  • There will be 30% more trips each day travelling past schools, including S-trips, regular route services, and dedicated school services.

Transport Canberra is committed to employing additional customer service staff and school safety staff in interchanges and major connection points to help people navigate the new network. We have received ideas about special uniforms for customer staff which are more clearly identifiable for students, special waiting areas at interchanges for students as well as other ideas.

We also want to hear other ideas from the public – and particularly from schools, students and parents – about how we can help more people use the bus network. Transport Canberra will consider all of these ideas, as well as your detailed feedback about proposed routes and connections, as part of the consultation process.

School by school fact sheets show the proposed bus or light rail routes for each school, and can be found via or

We have received feedback that the school maps originally provided to assist schools and parents in commenting on the proposed bus network were difficult to interpret. We have undertaken to improve their legibility and are working towards new maps being available for each school at by the start of Term 3.

Final maps and timetables will be available before the end of Term 4 to help schools, parents and students prepare for the 2019 school year.

Please encourage everyone in your school community to complete our survey online at

To support your communication with your school community, we also have a number of downloadable resources:

  • PDF Images for Newsletters and Online sites. These can be found in the section titled Communication Resources for Schools underneath the school search section on the page
  • Frequently Asked Questions. You may wish to familiarise yourself with the network by considering these responses. These can be found at

If you have specific concerns, questions or issues about how the planned changes would affect your school, I encourage you to contact Transport Canberra directly to arrange for a representative to speak to you.

Please contact Kate Clement to arrange this at

Yours sincerely

Ian McGlinn

Director, Public Transport Operations