Message for Harrison School community

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Dear parents and carers,

I can advise you that the sampling of all garden beds by licensed asbestos consultants has now concluded. However, testing of the sampled material continues and the Education Directorate expects to receive the full test results in coming days. When these are known, an appropriate remediation plan will be developed and shared with the school community.

I also wanted to reassure and remind you that only non-friable asbestos containing material has been found, scattered randomly and in very low concentration compared to the volume of gravel fill in the garden beds.

As you are aware, as a safety precaution, all garden beds have been fenced off and neighbouring ovals are available to the school to use as additional play spaces.

Education Support Office staff continue to attend the school at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times and are available to speak to students, parents and carers about any questions they may have.

You are also welcome to contact me directly. Please just be aware that it might take me a few days to respond to e-mails as the normal business of running a large school continues.

Thank you to everyone for your patience during this time. I’ve been very proud of how students and staff have risen to the occasion.