After many hours on planes and in airports we made it safely to Japan! Yesterday we explored some shops in Nara and settled into our first night in the hotel. After much needed naps and showers we had a lovely dinner of Okonomiyaki and enjoyed a walk back to the hotel.

Today we had a walking tour of Nara and visited Kōfukuji five storied pagoda – one of the tallest in Japan.

We also visited Todaiji temple, with the world’s largest bronze Buddha.

Before entering the temple, we had to wash our hands carefully.

In the temple there was a pillar with a hole that was the size of Buddha’s nostril. Legend has it that if you can fit through you would get good fortune.

After the walking tour we had an amazing lunch with a bento box and sashimi, as well as Nara’s signiture mochi. After that we did some shopping!

Then we set off to our sister school to meet our home stay families!

Kangarama had her first train ride and then we walked though the rain.

We’ve finally arrived at Tomio Diason!

Hello Tomio Diason!