Last night we all went to meet our host families! They were all very welcoming!

Flynn has enjoyed the food with his host family. They had rissoles, beef, miso, salad and rice. He’s also enjoying the English classes.

Katie is staying in a traditional Japanese house which she thinks is great. She likes the sliding doors, and sleeping on the floor on the tatami mats. She likes how polite her host family is and the food is delicious.

Ryan likes the food as well, the family vibe is wholesome and sweet. They all sit at the table together and care about hospitality a lot. He’s looking forward to music class later today.

Malakai thinks the food is good. He really enjoyed the temple yesterday and learning about the symbolism of the Buddha statues.

Oake has enjoyed seeing her host family again. She stayed with the same family two years ago! She’s enjoying speaking Japanese and has been able to speak to lots of interesting people.

Jacob also likes the food, he had tonkatsu and tempura with his family for dinner. For breakfast they had a ham steak with an egg on top and salmon and onigiri. The son of his host family plays Mario kart, and Jacob played with him.

Archer thinks there is good food in Japan. With his host family they had tonkatsu for dinner, which is fried pork. The classes are fascinating. Archer found it interesting seeing the way they were teaching the Tomio Diason students to speak English.

Casey likes his home stay family, because they are very nice. They have been trying their best to speak English and have been been patient with his broken Japanese. They are very interesting and they understand that some things are lost in translation. They also make nice food. The school is very different, the classes use a different numbering system and they start class with all students standing up to greet the teacher. He also noticed that the students are a lot quieter and all the teachers and students are very polite.

For lunch the students went to visit classrooms. Daria visited 8-2 for lunch. The classes all had made name tags for our students and set them a place. The Tomio Diason students eat in their classrooms, serve all the food to each other and and they bring their own place settings with place mats and chopsticks. For lunch today we all ate bread, a rabbit shaped meatloaf with sauce, soup with vegetables and egg. After eating, the students all clean up as well. Our students had to wash out their milk cartons, and sperate all the different types of rubbish into different bins at the end. It was really efficient. Somone told Daria that the meals are designed to fit the year groups health needs, and balanced to be the recommended amount of food. The Harrison students were very popular! Everyone wanted to talk to them, and were trying to spend time with the Australian students. They were very respectful of each other the environment, like Mr Holmes is always telling us to be.

Noa enjoyed the kindness of her home stay family and their consideration of her and Joanna. This morning Joanna and Noa made onigiri with their host family. They took glad wrap and put a rectangle of nori on it. Then they put rice and salmon on top, and used the glad wrap to fold the rice into a ball around the salmon. It tasted Oishii (delicious).