On Saturday we had very sad partings from our amazing host families. The kids rocked some very tight train transfers, and we made it safely to Hiroshima. We did some interesting shopping in Fukuya. We visited the peace park and delivered Harrison school’s beautiful cranes as well as viewing the Hiroshima Peace museum. On Monday we visited the beautiful and historic Miyajima island.

Joel liked the variety of the shopping centres. It has heaps of levels, and was really tall. He especially enjoyed the Hiroshima Carps shop.

Ryan enjoyed walking around the peace park in the rain. His shoes were full of mud. We spent time around the Hiroshima Dome, one of the only buildings left standing by the epicenter of the Atom Bomb explosion.

Daria enjoyed placing the cranes. It was raining really hard, but she enjoyed seeing the range of cranes from people around the world. She thinks it’s a lovely example of how people can come together to commemorate peace. Daria really enjoyed spending time with the people on the trip that day, drinking green tea and getting to know everyone better.

Oscar liked the tori gate at Miyajima, it was giant and in the middle of the ocean. Oscar thought it was cool.

Malakai found the hike up to Shrine at the to of Miyajima was tiring but fun. He had fun chatting in the cable car ride up.

Euan also enjoyed climbing up the mountain and getting to the top to see the amazing view. From above the island looked stunning