Music Workshops

There are music workshops held every recess in the senior music room this week. No RSVP needed! The list of workshops is displayed on the music room door. Week 5 Recess Music Workshops (Year 7 – 10) Monday:        Writing Lyrics Tuesday:        Australian Performing Right Association (APRA) Wednesday:  Creating Chord Progressions and Melodies Thursday:       Booking Performances/ … Continue reading Music Workshops

SCHOOL REVIEW Parent Representatvies Meeting

Dear Parents and Carers, Next week the Education Directorate will be conducting an external  School Review of Harrison School.  As part of the External School Review process the panel would like to talk to some parent representatives. This meeting will occur on Tuesday 15 August from 3:00 – 3:30pm.  If you would like to participate … Continue reading SCHOOL REVIEW Parent Representatvies Meeting