2019 ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme

2019 ACT SECONDARY BURSARY SCHEME The ACT Government’s Secondary Bursary Scheme provides financial assistance to low-income families with student(s) in years 7 – 10 attending an ACT public, independent or catholic school or who are home schooled.  To be eligible, applicants must have a current Centrelink card or Healthcare card with means-tested payment codes. Each … Continue reading 2019 ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme


On Tuesday we traveled by shinkansen to Kyoto. Kyoto is a historic capital of Japan, and has many shrines, castles and temples. We visited Fushini-Inari Shrine, a pokemon centre, Nishiki markets, and did a tour that took us past the Ryoanji temple, Golden pavilion, a shogun castle and the gion district where geisha are trained. … Continue reading Kyoto